Andrei Nistor







Andrei Nistor was born in 1986 in Ploiești, Romania.

He studied design at the Bucharest University of Art, the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, where he got his BA 92008) and MA (2011) in design.

Andrei is an original artist, creating in a variety of media: oil on canvas paintings, watercolor on paper, graphic, drawing, digital art, stencils, wall art (street art murals), installations, object design, etc. Sometimes he combines these into surprising and fresh works of art.


„Beings and Objects”, group exhibition, painting, Artfooly Gallery, Bucharest, 2016

„Space Color”,  ‚Plantelor. 47’ Gallery, Bucharest, 2015

”VIZIONNATURA”, group exhibition, painting, Galeria IX , Bucharest, 2014

„Contempora Alchimia”, group exhibition, painting, Bucharest, 2013

„La obiect 2. De iluminat” Spazio Studio, object design exhibition, Bucharest, 2010

ICSID world Industrial Design Day, object design exhibition, Bucharest, 2008

Industrial Design Workshop (clocks’ and watches design) with Nicolas Ciuchindel, senior designer at Channel, Bucharest, 2008

Group exhibition, design/ stencils, Galeria Atelier 35, Bucharest, 2007

2nd place – Competition “My Anti-Drugs Message”, billboards’ section, Bucharest-Ploiești, 2005

1st place – „Graffiti” Competition: rehabilitation of industrial spaces through mural art,  Câmpina, 2004

Group exhibition, painting, Casa Memorială George Enescu, Sinaia, 2004

Group Exhibition, painting and graphic, Casa Memorială George Enescu, Sinaia, 2003

Group Exhibition, graphic, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, 2003

Andrei Nistor