The exhibition “Beings and Objects” brings together works by four artists: Arina Gheorghiță (painting), Mircea Moroianu (drawing), Anca Popescu (porcelain), Andrei Nistor (painting).

Friends often ask me what ‘figurative’ in art means. Starting from the definition in the dictionary (“the artistic depiction of the real objects and beings”), I decided to put together an exhibition showing works in different media and by different artists, in order to show what figurative means. This is how “Beings and Objects” came to life.

Arina Gheorghiță presents 4 paintings, oil on canvas: two still natures and two female characters.

Mircea Moroianu presents seven of his drawings printed on canvas.

Anca Popescu is showing 5 works in porcelain.

Andrei Nistor presents 3 canvases, one mixed media work and two oil on canvas paintings.

Curator, Anca Negescu.