Ciprian Udrescu


Ciprian Udrescu was born in 1982 in Bucharest, Romania, where also he lives and works at present. He graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, (graphics department), in 2005 and got his Master’s Degree at the same University in 2007.

Besides painting, drawing and engraving, Ciprian also successfully creates digital art, having two projects in ‘Best 200 Digital Artists Worldwide Luerzer`s Archive’ (2014-2015, 1012-2013).

We invite you to discover a profound, disciplined artist, who studies to exhaustion, often refining his ideas during several years. Some of his study books (notebooks) are shown in the exhibitions he has at Artfooly, a very interesting detail for those who are not yet familiar with his work. Many of Ciprian’s studybooks are handcrafted by him. He is extremely well organized and takes care of his works with surgical precision.

Texts about the artist:

Ciprian Udrescu searches thoroughly and graphically interrogates anything: horses, insects or space creatures, streets and roofs, studio corners and his own person. He places himself in a permanent state of capturing a significant vision out of the daily images. He is one of the few drawers who renders with organic easiness (even surgical, I would say), the perspectival relations between forms. He is acute like an engraving needle, which could very well stand as his badge.
Aurelia Mocanu, art critic

I have known Ciprian since he was  a student. He was, as we say in Romanian, ‘mute like a swan’. He drew more than anyone else, communicating immensely, but only through his drawings.

Like we, common people, choose different topics in our conversations, he chose different subjects in his notebooks, worked one subject, then changed to another. One can see in those mesmerizing notebooks, which they themselves are also handmade by him, a world of subjects, of thoughts.

What the public can see in a exhibition presenting Ciprian’s works is just the peak of an iceberg, small but so powerful! I am one of the lucky ones who could see more of the whole, giant world of his leonardesque notebooks (and yes, I do mean to compare him with Leonardo. The only difference is that this is a different era). Everything is present in these notebooks: nature, human body, dreams, fantastic creatures, friendship, love. Drawing, text, collage, photo, painting but mostly drawing. Line is always his language, even when he paints. I am grateful to be a witness of his great gift. Thank you, Ciprian!

Stela Lie. Associate professor, UNArte (National University of Arts) Bucharest, Romania

Selection of exhibitions and prizes:

2014 One of Best 200 Digital Artists Worldwide Luerzer`s Archive 2014-2015

2013 one of Best 200 Digital Artists Worldwide Luerzer`s Archive 2012-2013

2013 Illustrations for “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen Art Publishing House

2012 Group exhibition “Engraving Salon”, second edition, Simeza Gallery

2007 Group exhibition “Transmissionen 3″ Stuttgart (DE),Bucharest (RO)

2005 Group exhibition” Lettres et livres”, Anaid art Gallery, Bucharest

2003 Group exhibition “Small Engraving Bienalle”, Chamaliers, France

2000 International Youth Graphics Biennale, Honorary Award, Torun, Poland

2000 International  Arts Contest for Youth “Open Doors”, Special Prize, Giurgiu Romania

2015 May-June. Solo Exhibition: “Plans Within Plans” (painting & drawing) @ Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery. Bucharest, Romania

October-December 2015. Group Exhibition: “MUS1C” (digital art) @ Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery. Bucharest, Romania


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