Artfooly Gallery is proud to present Margareta Udrescu’s first solo show, “MACARENA CITY”.
The young artists’s illustrations create an imaginary city, varying from small to large scale dimensions.
Margareta Udrescu was born on May 5th 1996 in Bucharest, where she lives and works now.
She graduated from the Bucharest University of Arts in 2008.
She loves cartoons and swimming.
“MACARENA CITY” is the artist’s first solo exhibition and it brings together hyperbolical fantasy characters who inhabit the imaginary City of Macarena.
Placed in surprising postures, Macarena City’s inhabitants put up an intensely colorful spectacle.
Mr. Air, Mrs. Coocoo’s skirt, Christopher Bulibășeală, Icicle Breezes, Mr. Fartovitch and Greeneshworm are only a few of this exhibition’s protagonists.
Open April 6th-April 21st at Artfooly Gallery, the show is curated by Anca Negescu.