Marc Borțun


Marc Borțun was born on November 22nd 1976, in Bucharest, Romania, where he lives and works. In 2000, he Graduated from the Nicolae Grigorescu Art Academy, Faculty of Art, BA in Painting (class of Professor Mirel Zamfirescu). Starting with 1998 he was Designer/ Art Director at Millenium Communications, Brand New Design, Saatchi&Saatchi, CAP, Cohn&Jansen. Since 2008 until present, he has been Creative Partner at Rusu+Bortun (Bucharest based advertising agency). Many of his works are in private collections in Romania, Scotland, France and Germany.

Marc’s works mock the realities of contemporary society in a very blunt manner, which becomes very appealing to the public due to its intelligent humorous approach. From common everyday gestures to the huge impact social media and pressure of contemporary society has on people’s lives, Marc’s paintings tell true stories in amazing colors, bearing his highly personal, distinctive touch. Influenced by the exotic art of Gauguin, as well as by prominent contemporary artists like Keith Haring or Maurizio Catellan, Marc’s works beautifully mix the strong ideas on which each image is built, the pop-art aspect and a light touch of naive art that sometimes carries the viewers’ thoughts to the Caribbean.

Picasso, Modigliani, Magritte, Gauguin, Haring, Balcan naïve art, the art of Northern Ireland’s militias, old circus or movie posters, Maurizio Cattelan, a good joke, my daily job… There are many artists, stories and real situations that inspire me. Two things are of particular interest to me. The first one is the way people are, without being aware, predictable, funny, greedy, ridiculous, vicious, rude, good, bad, in love or predictable. The second one is the need to interact with the others. It seems that, no matter what we are like, we all feel the impulse to do anything in order not to be alone. Starting with the most innocent smile up to the excitement that perpetuates our species. Stories are born from this mix of situations.

I don’t take myself too seriously and I don’t want anyone else to do that, either. Being too serious leads to fierceness and I think we can very well do without it. This is not philosophy. This is a practice with an almost healing purpose and because it works for me, I am very happy to also make others relax or even laugh.

Marc Borțun


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