Mihaela Noroc

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Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc was born on May 18th, 1985.
She studied at The National University of Arts in Bucharest, the Photo-Video Department.
After several years of work in various other domains, in 2012 Mihaela decided to focus all her energy on her first love, photography.
A trip to Ethiopia, where she discovered incredible feminine faces, inspired her to start The Atlas of Beauty.
After that, she went on a 15 months voyage around the world, capturing the diversity of the planet by photographing portraits. She believes that beauty is everywhere and does not depend on money, trends or races, but rather on simplicity and authenticity.
In a world of globalization which tends to become monotonous, Mihaela just wants to show that our differences make us truly beautiful and that it is essential for us to hold on to our uniqueness and specificity.
‘The Atlas of Beauty’ was born almost two years ago and it is already known around the world.
Mihaela’s unique approach has attracted the attention of the world’s greatest publications which have written extensively about it. Images of the project have been seen by over a hundred million people from dozens of countries.
‘The Atlas of Beauty’ has become the most media featured contemporary Romanian art project and Mihaela hopes that this will help her receive the necessary funding in order to continue it.
In June 2015, the photographer wants to start a new expedition around the world, with the intention to “map” other countries and territories on all continents, before printing a unique album.
Mihaela’s desire is to gather in this album hundreds of portraits of women from around the world, showing that the greatest treasure of our planet is its diversity. In a world that tends to become uniform, The ‘Atlas of Beauty’ wants to encourage us to be proud of our genetic and cultural inheritance, to be ourselves.

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