MUS1C (Anniversary Exhibition)

Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery is proud to present “MUS1C”, our first anniversary exhibition, which is a group exhibition. 


Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery, turned one year old on October 15th. Our first anniversary coincided with the inauguration of our new gallery space, on Berthelot Street (no. 46) and the opening of our anniversary group exhibition created upon a common given theme: music.

7 Artfooly artists, 7 different artistic personalities, reunited for “MUS1C”, where they show the works they have created especially for this occasion.

To “MUS1C”, our following artists and friends have contributed with great enthusiasm: Marc Borțun (painting), Tudor Câmpean (photo-engraving), Adrian Drinceanu (installation), Petre Mogoșanu (sculpture), Flaviu Moldovan (painting), Claudiu Presecan (painting), Ciprian Udrescu (digital art).

They have studied, worked and shown in: Bucharest, Cluj, Athens (Greece), Carrara (Italy), Mariefred (Sweden), Worklaw (Poland), Zagreb (Croatia).

At present, the live and work in Bucharest, Cluj and Craiova (Romania).


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