Olga Morărescu-Mărginean

Olga Morărescu_Mărginean. Foto: Alex Coman

Olga Morărescu_Mărginean. Vernisaj “Pasărea Ascunsă” @Artfooly Gallery. Foto: Alex Coman

Olga Morărescu-Mărginean was born in Craiova, Romania, in 1942. In 1963 she graduated from the Drawing Faculty of the Pedagogical Institute – the University of Bucharest, having Grigore Spirescu and Viorel Mărginean as her teachers. She graduated from the Drawing section of the „Nicolae Grigorescu” Art Institute in Bucharest, under the guidance of Vasile Drăguț, Radu Florescu and Răzvan Theodorescu. She has been teacher of Art since 1963 and has authored multiple scientific studies and papers.

Watercolors and drawings, surprising in their elegance and simplicity, the artist’s works have a specific dynamics, best described by the author herself:

“I would like the lines I trace on a white background to get outside the space of the painting, wander through the room, move up the walls. I would like people to see them getting longer, springing out of the painting, dancing through the room.”

”What I look for is a pure, abstract, non-objective drawing, without any relation to time and space. A drawing which lives by itself, an ideal, transcending drawing, able to establish the connection between here and there.”

The artist has participated in multiple group and solo exhibitions and her works are part of private collections from Romania and other countries as well as from state collections: Art Museums in Galați, Tulcea, Târgu Mureș, The Palace of Parliament, Palace of the National Military Circle.