Places” is an elaborate sequence, sought through different printmaking techniques, (mezzotint, photogravure, lithography) of contradictory concepts present in our daily lives. Thus, passivity is represented by subtle suggestions of extinct activity: carefully observed plies on a fresh pillow highlighted by reflectors. The open doors in “What is happening here” seem to have been captured in the exact moment after an important and emotional episode. We don’t know what happened, or whom it happened to, but we feel stuck in between a concealed feeling of emotional complexity impregnated with light and darkness, activity and idleness, and the intermittent change between interior and exterior.

All these antonymic pairs of states of mind, of feelings or concepts are carefully diagnosed, analyzed with precision, from all angles, capturing both physical, tangible and emotional elements in each scene. The constant intermittence between the absence and presence of the human condition in his works creates a haunting rhythm, bringing the beholder somewhere on the edge of suspense and meditation. Everything happens in a tight yet strong quietness fueled both by the inner force of the artistic vision and the indistinct cores of the micro universes themselves.

Alexandra Șchiopu

Tudor Câmpean has works in private collections in Romania, Sweden, Germany, Serbia, Hungary.

Artist: Tudor Câmpean

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