Tango Diagonal au Chocolat

The exhibition “TANGO DIAGONAL AU CHOCOLAT”, the first exhibition hosted by Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery, between October 8th 2014 and November 15th 2014, presented works by two Romanian artists from Cluj: Arina Gheorghiță (painting) and Cristian Orza (sculpture). Arina and Cristian were colleagues at the Cluj Academy of Visual Arts and have been life-long friends.

Painter Arina Gheorghiță was born in Cluj in 1973, in a family of painters. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in 1997. She is a member of the Romanian Union of Professional Artists (UAP). In 2004 she got married and moved to Bucharest, where she lives at the moment.

She is in love with painting, having had an impressive number of group and solo shows both in Romania and overseas. Arina is a passionate artist and a passionate, fascinating human being. Arina’s humor is well-known and loved by all her friends. She loves to play and she is also an amazing illustrator. She runs a book illustration club. Besides painting, she is a professor of art and art history at the “Calea Victoriei” Foundation in Bucharest. Many of her works have are in prestigious private collections in Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Dubai, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, USA.

In order to draw essence for my inspiration, I need not look very far: life is my source and also the reality of people, places and ideas. I never get bored. I find life to be full of passion, tension, and freedom. I often say that my painting doesn’t blather, it has content. A real, rich content. A lot of things happen on my canvases: people kiss, dance, fish, swim, read in the shade of a tree… It’s a blend between strength and delicacy, just like life, made up of contrary forces. I am definitely a romantic person. It’s not just the present that plays an active role in the way I depict the world, but also the past, history, and memories. From an ethic, moral perspective, I believe that art is supposed to heal society’s wounds through aesthetic means. Painting is eminently healing.
Arina Gheorghiță



Sculptor Cristian Orza was born in Cluj in 1967, where he works and lives. He graduated from the Cluj Academy of Visual Arts in 1997. Later, during an internship in the UK, in Oxford, Hereford and Gloucester, he specialized in the restoration and preservation of historical sites. He is a member of the Romanian Union of Professional Artists (UAP). He has had numerous shows and many of his works are in prestigious private collections in Romania, Germany,Italy, UK, USA, Australia.

I am often asked where I draw my inspiration from. The answer is always the same: nature’s diversity, its endless abundance. It’s also nature, in its generosity, that offers me the most precious gifts for a sculptor’s soul: wood, stone, bronze, metals, glass or terracotta. It’s only up to me to give life to these offerings. I also sometimes collect from bins stuff that has been discarded by humans. I take that and give it a new life: this is how I transform a useless, ugly thing into something of value, by giving it a spiritual shape, by turning it into a new concept, aspiration or attitude. Spiritually, I am activated by the Christian root of existence and I often use biblical suggestions in my sculptures.
Cristian Orza


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