As one can often see in France, the new and the old often come together in surprising combinations. At the entrance in spectacular medieval town Carcassonne, there is a contemporary sculpture by Guy Ferrer which immediately draws everyone’s attention, even though its immediate surroundings are stunning. Guy FERRER, born in 1955, is a French artist of Catalan and Italian descent.

According to the artist’s website, “T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E ” is a monumental sculpture consisting of 9 letters in bronze, each representing both a letter of the word “tolerance” and a figure representing a different spirituality. Limited edition of 8 series, numbered from 1/8 to 8/8. Each bronze hight is between 2 m and 2,50 m.

An artistic message, which brings forth the challenge Man is facing today.

 The sculpture has been created in 2004, in reaction to the preoccupying rise in religious tensions, a new clash of religions, source of a spreading chaos.

” A word becomes intelligible because of all of its letters, each one indispensable and of equal importance to carry the meaning.

And so, the different cultures and spiritual beliefs of our societies can co-habit fraternally and complement the other, in the knowledge of reciprocal respect and a bit of kindness. 

Mysterious and grave, my emissaries invite you to meet them, to respect their difference and the beliefs which they suggest. Together, and meeting on the same site, they speak to us of encounter and harmony, of peaceful completeness.

While we all humans have in common the quest inherent in our nature because based on the consciousness of being precarious, there is constantly publicized demonstration of oppositions and efforts on behalf of religions. This situation highlights from day to day, a notion of emergency reinforces this observation.

Yet the mosaic of beliefs and people make the world…

By this sculpture, I wanted to bring to light the likeness of the quest, whatever it is and whatever the “god” to which it is addressed. It is this similarity, this convergence which should be demonstrated, instead of the differences caused by unsuccessful speculation or crazy fundamentalist assertions regarding the divine, inherently ambiguous and therefore questionable.

Each of the letters, by its particular graphics, evokes a belief of the world. But the interpretations are left deliberately open to the imagination of everyone… ” Guy Ferrer”

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