Tudor Câmpean

Tudor Câmpean was born in 1983 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where he lives and works.

In 2007 he graduated from the Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design, getting his BA in Graphic Design. In 2006 he had an Erasmus scholarship at the “Eugeniusz Geppert” Academy of Art and Design din Wroclaw (Poland). In 2009 he got his Master’s degree in Graphic Design at the Cluj-Napoca Academy of Art and Design.

Graphic art has been my focus point since I first started studying arts. The main medium I work with is printmaking, techniques like mezzotint, etching, lithography and photogravure being the ones I`m most interested in. I got attracted to this particular artistic medium because of the endless possibilities it provides. My curious nature made me look into these techniques with a persistent need for exploring both conceptual and technical solutions, which, in turn, have led me to a continuous process of self discovery.

I work with concepts like time and space, the relationship that is established between the human presence and the world around us. We change the space according to our needs and in return, the space changes us, it influences our feelings, emotions and actions.

My goal is to find the best way to combine artistic concept and technique by speculating the characteristics of the medium, in order to serve the final art piece.

I`m more focused on traditional printmaking, where the artist gets in contact with all materials involved in the process, where everything is palpable and manipulated; even though the process is done in a controlled manner, it occasionally has a serendipitous quality which I admire.

It`s very important to keep this medium alive and develop it further not only for artistic reasons but also for its historical value. I believe it`s safe to say that printmaking gave us the modern world.

Tudor Câmpean

When he was at University, Tudor began participating in biennales and national and international exhibitions, such as: 23rd Biennial Exhibition of Graphic Art” (Miskolc, Hungary – 2006), Erasmus Students Exhibition (ASP Wroclaw, Poland – 2007), “Grafika” Aula Gallery (Poznan, Poland – 2007), 24th Biennial Exhibition of Graphic Art, (Miskolc, Hungary – 2008), “Graphic Contemplations” Biennale (Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania – 2010), Romanian Graphics 2011 (Bucharest, Romania), ULUS First International Print Triennial (Belgrade, Serbia – 2012), Romanian Graphics 2012 (Bucharest, Romania), “TRANSITION” (Leipzig, Germany – 2013), 26th Biennial Exhibition of Graphic Art” (Miskolc, Ungaria – 2014), The International Biennale of Small Graphics and Exlibris – Ostrów Wielkopolski (Poland – 2014).

He had his first solo show, “Time and Space” in 2008, at Casa Matei Gallery in Cluj-Napoca. Other important solo shows: “Printmaking”, Nordens Ljus Galleri (Stockholm, Sweden – 2009), Artist in Residence at Grafikens Hus (Mariefred, Sweden – 2011), “INHABITING”, photoArt Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania – 2012).


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