Viorel Mărginean


Painter Viorel Mărginean was born on December 12th 1933 în Cenade, Alba County, Romania.

He has had shows both in Romania and in: USA, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain. His most important solo shows were at: Sala Dalles Bucharest (1970 and 1983), UAP Gallery Cluj-Napoca (1978 and 1984), Palffy Palace Vienna (1980), UNESCO Pallace, Paris (1992 and 2006), Accademia di Romania, Rome (1993), Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania (1995), The Art Museum, Craiova, Romania (1996), The Palace of Culture, Iași, Romania (1996), The National Art Museum of Romania (2003), The European Parliament, Brussels (2006), Art Society Gallery, Bucharest (2010), The Academy of Economic Studies, ASE: „100 years ASE” (2013), to mention only a few.

The exhibition “Vertical Flight” at Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery in Bucharest, which takes place between March 10th and April 11th 2015, brings together older works by the artist as well as new ones, presented for the first time. This show marks the beginning of spring, celebrating the first season and nature’s comeback to life through a feast of colors, a characteristic of the master’s work.

Our collaboration with Master Mărginean has been a great honor and joy for us, an example of professionalism which always makes a perfect tandem with his humor and love for life.


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