“Wings of Change”, Painting by Maria Dermengiu

This spring, Artfooly Gallery hosts a show full of light and color. The ”Wings of change” painting exhibition of Romanian visual artist Maria Dermengiu presents recent works and speaks of self-knowledge, change and spiritual maturity, aspects that define this stage of the artist’s life.

Maria believes in passion, in the beauty of nature and in the beauty of the human soul. Her work reflects her fascination with textures and combined mediums as well as her main source of inspiration: nature. The colors she uses are the colors she loves, she feels best describe her sensitivity and feelings. We do not see black on her canvases. She only paints what she feels, and when she doesn’t feel inspired, she cannot paint at all. Her art is based on feeling and authentic artistic expression of her emotions.

The work chosen as poster-image for this exhibition, “Wings of Change”, depicts a dragonfly, which is the symbol of change, depth and maturity.