ZOIȚA (Delia Călinescu)



ZOIȚA (Delia Călinescu) was born in 1978 in Fetești, Romania. She now lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. She graduated from The University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, getting her BA in painting in 2006. In 2007 she got her Master’s Degree in design at the The University of Fine Arts in Bucharest

Besides painting, Zoița is a spectacular installation and performance artist. She enjoys the organic, literally inviting it into her work. Charcoal is an often-encountered element, sometimes taking surprise functions such as leaving traces not only on paper or canvas, but also on the artist’s body, a manner in which she fuses with her art.

Selection of exhibitions & solo shows:

2016-” I love you with all my heart” Unicat, Rocket Museum, The Ark, Bucharest, Ro

2014-” Geometrical Perception” at 30202 Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2014 – “That hands that are not mine” performance @ GoldenFrame, 030202 Gallery, Curator: Mihai Zgondoiu, Bucharest, RO
2014 – “Wings for Paradise” Paintings TCI, Victoria Plaza, Bucharest, RO
2012 – “Painting series at Tempo Art Gallery, Bucharest, RO
“To much skin for a hard life” performance, Bucharest, RO
2011 – “Tranzitoriu” at The Lobby Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest, RO
2009 – “Nonverbal Dialog” performance, Bucharest, RO
2007 – “Bazu” – Galeria Artis, Bucharest, RO
2006 – “Expanded view recent aquisitions” performance, Bucharest, RO